Forest and Falls Workshop :: A quick look into a big journey

I recently went to a workshop for photographers. Mainly wedding photographers. I wanted to go to help hone my craft and be a better me for all of my clients. I learned so many good nuggets, big and small. I’m still processing them all and figuring out how to relate them to the way I do business and the way that I photograph. I’m so excited for how I might be able to grow because of it! I’m also surprised of how much I was able to absorb after a 44+ hour round trip drive to Zion National Park and then making the 15 hour drive (one-way) to the workshop that was in Falls State Park in Tennessee.

For now here are a few portraits from the oh so inspiring week!

Photographed below is

Danielle Green & Connor Brogan at the Falls Creek Falls and our campground

Instagram: @daniellegreenstyle & @connorhbrogan

Styling/HMUA: @daniellegreenstyle


Following are a couple photos of some AWESOME Photographers that I met at the conference! (I needed to photograph more of them because there are so many that I fell in love with, with their work, their personalities, and for Paul below, their LAUGH!) OH I miss your laugh Paul!

Above is Chris! Instagram @leavethelightonchris

Photographed above: Inna Yasinska (OMG STOP BEING SO GORGEOUS!) @innayas

Some of the wonderful photographers and speakers we had the honor of hanging out with all week! @robertjhillphotography @katchsilva @bensasso @benjhaisch … I can’t thank these guys enough! For their nuggets of wisdom during their talks and for their awesome camaraderie when just hanging out around the fire, in the dining hall etc. So good. I’m thankful beyond words for y’all!

@Innayas again 🙂


A new friend I had the pleasure of meeting! Sarah Mc Alexander @smcx, I CANNOT wait for the film to come back from my Hassy of these moments!!

Stoooooop it!

Below is Lauren Staub 
Instagram: @redridingheadd
Styling/HMUA: @kakki_jones

Pictured Below:

Suzie & Frank

Instagram: @seeyousoonzy & @frankdafranky

Piney Falls Suspension Bridge

Picture below: Amanda & Tyler – Right at our campground 🙂
Instagram: @amanda.breshears & @tylerbreshears


-jenni o


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