Hi, I'm Jenni O. I am a midwest based photographer out of Orange City, Iowa I've been blessed and entrusted to photograph all over the world including; Texas, Colorado, California, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma Napa Valley, Italy, and the Dominican Republic and of course my beloved Midwest.


Because I believe it is important to provide my clients with my undivided attention, I limit the number of weddings and portrait sessions I take on each year. Above all, this is about trust. This is about connection. From my heart of hearts, I want to be trusted like a dear friend, like loyal family. To create photos that feel like your wildest dreams.


While I have deep relationships in my own community, I ADORE traveling. I have the wanderlust gene rooted deep within me. All photographers seem to want to travel now, I get it. I just want to photograph YOUR wedding/portraits, no matter where this takes place.





My best friend and husband (one in the same) is my companion in work and in travel. I couldn't do what I do if it weren't for his unrelenting support and his phenomenal artistic talents. He gets me, and he gets making magic. I LOVE couples who are down to create, who want mutual trust, and who want magic in their photos. One of our favorite things? Intimate destination weddings, especially if they involve mountains! *swoon* I mean, c'mon. All the heart eyes!


My daughter, Luna Wilde, is the moon to my stars. She's a goof and a gymnast and she definitely keeps life interesting. My dog, Coach, is calm and amazing and Luna's best buddy. My God is all encompassing, and my family and friends are my constants. Hiking, gardening, biking, canoeing, climbing mountains, and more are what I like to fill my time with. These are things I've ALWAYS liked to fill my time with, not because it's hip. I'm just about the opposite of hip lol.


Thanks for taking the time to read more about me. If you feel a connection, then say no more. Seriously, I can't wait to get to know you. You have no idea.


Let's be friends.


Let's make some magic.


xoxo Jenni O


my garden is my jam

I'M ADDICTED TO the outdoors

I believe it is our responsibility to fix what we've done to our environment

Words ARE MY LOVE LANGUAGE - but also. flowers.

everyone can make a difference