When I got engaged a little over a year ago, one of the first things I did was start looking into photographers. To me, dresses, flowers and food were all important, but they were all things I would enjoy only one time. But the pictures that would be taken on my wedding day, I knew would be enjoyed by my husband and I, our family, and our friends for the rest of our lives.



So ultimately, choosing a photographer was a task I took very seriously. Jenni Ochsner happened to be a photographer I had heard of before I was even engaged, because she is the wife of my strength and conditioning coach at Northwestern College. I assumed since he was awesome, she would be too and she did not disappoint! After meeting her at a bridal fair, stalking Jenni O on social media and her website, and sitting down with her and my husband at Old Factory, I was sold.

I fell in love with Jenni’s creative, artistic style of photography, her keen eye, and attention to detail. I swooned over every picture she took, but particularly the more candid ones where she captured such perfectly genuine moments, forever. I appreciated how she was always professional, organized, flexible, reliable, and so easy to talk to/work with. And I especially appreciated how she somehow made me appear much more photogenic than I actually am, while simultaneously trudging through a foot of snow in January or a mile down a path in the trees in July. She goes above and beyond, people! Lastly, I more than enjoyed Jenni’s positive, happy personality and her kind, compassionate heart for everyone she works with. So in conclusion, on top of being an AMAZING photographer, Jenni is a WONDERFUL human being, and I couldn’t be happier that I chose her as my photographer!


Bailey Van Ginkel

A Mother

Jenni is truly an amazing photographer! She understood what we wanted for our family and was able to bring it to life through her creative vision. She was balanced in listening to our desires, and then leading with her expertise. Our kids loved her! Jenni was patient and flexible; she was able to get them to smile and look at the camera! It was a fun day and we absolutely love the new photos of our family; they are beautiful!



A Senior

Jenni is a very endearing and gifted woman. I always thought that senior pictures would be an awkward experience, but she immediately made me feel at ease. Jenni listened to what I wanted to get out of the session, but also brought in her own ideas of what to do and where to go. She’s very organized and manages her time well. One hour, I was in front of a hot air balloon, the next I was in a field of flowers. We got so much done within a couple hours. I absolutely love my senior pictures and enjoyed my time with her.




A Bride

Jenni is the best of the best! (Let me tell you why.)


I remember in one of our first conversations Jenni described how wedding photos should tell the story of your day. I had always viewed wedding photos as the endless list of “staged” pictures with varying relatives and friends. When I look through my wedding photos today, over a year later, they take me back to all of those emotions I had on my wedding day. When I look through my album, I see the special moments getting ready and eating breakfast with my bridesmaids, I see the way my husband looked at me when he read his vows to me, I see how he held my hand when we walked onto the dance floor for our first dance. Beyond all of that, I see beautiful pictures of my beloved cupcakes, the smiles on my guests faces, and the tiniest details of the special vintage candle votives we used. My wedding pictures tell our love story in the most precious details. I’m certain a photographer could have no greater skill.

Beyond her artistic talent, Jenni was so fun to work with. Every step of the way I felt cared for and valued. She answered my endless questions with ease and was so organized and accommodating in her planning process. I felt so blessed to have such a big part of my day in her hands! On my wedding day, taking pictures was laid back and fun, and our photos reflect that.

All told, I couldn’t be happier with our selection of Jenni for our wedding photos. She is a gracious, easy-going, highly skilled photographer (read: artist) with a talent for photos that are natural, flattering, and tell a beautiful story!


With Love,