Tips for a Rockin’ Engagement Session :: Andrea + Reed :: Orange City Iowa Wedding Photographer

So for this adorable twosome I would like to add in some tips on having an amazing engagement session!

First suggestion that I have is come as yourself. Don’t try and be someone else. Be the couple everyone sees when they gather for a campfire.

Be prepared to give me a glimpse of that love you have for eachother.

Make jokes!

Or laugh at my horrible attempt at humor.

Hold each other.

Hold eachother some more.

Show off that bling!

Give me some PDA.

Be ready to show the world how much you love eachother.

Don’t get uptight or worried about it. Be spontaneous!  I’m going to get good pictures of you, don’t you worry!

Show me how crazy you are about him!

An E-Session is fun, romantic, private, public, and rock awesome. Show me what you got!

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