Tiffany + Paul’s Movie Theater Wedding

  So how cute are they?? I had so much fun with Tiff and Paul’s movie themed wedding! They called it “The Union” and had everything based off of that. They were married in the Chanhassen Dinner Theater, which I gotta say was sooo cool. I love it when people think outside of the box and do things their own way!

The girls got ready where the dance was going to be later. It had beautiful wood floors and a lot of pretty ladies! 

The boys thought that Paul needed a hand haha.

I couldn’t believe the adorable ideas they came up with! This poster, a picture from their e-session, was so unreal. I loved it! What a creative concept!

This guy = phenomenal singer. wow.

The unity option they chose was a box to nail shut. In the box they put two letters and a bottle of wine to open when things get difficult. So cute! I think I will be stealing this idea for an anniversary!

boys are so silly…

And Tiff is my kinda girl 🙂

Ready to celebrate kids?!?Cheers to you, Tiff and Paul!

xoxo -Jenni

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