Barrel Racing + My Sis // Northwest Iowa Photography

So, my little sister is awesome. She barrel races her horse, Coke, at rodeos. Dude, I had a horse when I was around her age, named Daisy, and all I did was sit on the fence and look at it. My dreams of owning a horse were of ones with wings and cones on their foreheads. Yeah thats right, I have always wished I owned a pegasus unicorn cross horse that was the color purple, casted magic spells, and flew me through rainbows. My sister Casey’s dreams with her horse are of racing it around barrels for the best time she can get. Its also WAY cool to see her do the poles! B T Dubs she totally got 17 zip zip (17.00) at barrels and beat her best time when I was watching her at the Plum Creek Rodeo last Friday night!

I uploaded one photo and a video to here, mainly because I don’t have the time to go through the barrel racing pics at the moment (the 4 weddings this month take definite priority, sorry sis). But I am so proud I couldn’t help but share! My little sister is BA and I want everyone to know it!

love you chris!

xoxo -Jenni

Here is the video of the poles:

Chris at the Rodeo! from Jenni Ochsner on Vimeo.

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