Icelandic excursions


Our first leg of our journey was Iceland. We flew out at 7:30 pm in Minneapolis and landed at 6:30 am in Iceland. The flight was only 6 hours and pretty impossible to sleep on so we got to Reykjavik on empty. There are a lot of words coming up, so if you just want to skip them, the pictures are at the bottom
Day 1: Driving from the airport to Reykjavik was like driving on the moon, the “recent” lava flow made the land look so foreign. We knew that to fight jet lag we needed to stay up for the whole day. So after getting to our hostel we sat and oriented ourselves. Then we walked and walked and walked.


We went to a church close by, then to a small coffee shop and had an espresso and a croissant, which was so delicious! Then we went up to the main church in town which was beautiful! There we learned that in the year 1000ad Iceland became a Christian country and still is today. There are a little more than 300k people here and 180k of them live in Rekjavik. Björk is from Iceland, and her swan dress she wore at the awards would not have stood out here! People definitely dress very uniquely. They are so creative, friendly, and awesome! We also found out that if it weren’t for the Bible being translated to Icelandic, the language probably would have been lost by now. But everyone here seems to speak Icelandic and English.


We then walked up to the Pearl and Saga Museum, and after got lost on our way to looking for the Art Museum. We went down to the harbor and walked a large amount of coastline then back to our hostel. I’m guessing it was close to 20km!


Day 2: We went on the Golden Circle tour! It was fabulous 🙂 we got to see the gulfoss falls, Icelandic Horses, Geysir hot springs, and where the Eurasian and American Teutonic plates made a huge rift in the valley. The water was so clear everywhere because its filtered by the magma. You could dip your water bottle in the lake and drink it! We also saw a huge crater where a volcano used to be, Björk performed in this crater. My feet were beyond done by the middle of day 2. The walking we did the day before was too much for my feet and everything hurts.


We ate at the harbor at the Sea Barron and their lobster Soup was fantastic! We also had Minke Whale on a skewer or “Moby Dick on a Stick” to all you Minnesotans ;).


Day 3: With my feet still in unbearable pain we did the best possible thing, the blue lagoon! I felt so fancy and special! We floated around the natural hot spring lagoon, did a steam bath and some Saunaing, and even got face masks! After we got back we went to Market Grill which is where we ate Puffin, Horse, Duck, Lamb, Beef, Lobster, and Whale. Most of it was extremely yummy! Then we went up to a crêpe shop and had ice cream and crêpes 🙂


With my feet pretty unbearable I’m hoping we can buy some tennis shoes in Amsterdam first thing tomorrow!

Above picture is my first time trying Minke Whale. And it’s so tasty! We had it at every meal 🙂



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  • Lindsey

    Wow, what an adventure already! I’m not sure i’d have been as brave to try horse! :/ Great shots! I like how they horse is nibbling on Kyle’s shirt. I grew up with horses and they were notorious for doing such things! I’m excited to read about and see more of you trip! 🙂ReplyCancel