Wild Magnolia, I love you!

Ah, a wonderfully unique album, at last! I am so excited to announce that I have joined forces with the most unique and splendiferous album company there is! They are eco-friendly too! And not just by using recycled stuff, oh no, it goes much further than that! **YAY CLICK HERE FOR HAPPINESS AND RAINBOWS!** I have a traditional album company that I still go through that is lovely. However, I have been searching for something unique. Something my brides and whoever else wants them can put on their coffee table as a piece of art, not just a coffee table book. They are earthy, hand made, and absolutely beautiful! One of my couples has already asked for me to design one for them.

I had searched high and low, googled my life away,

and after a long and perilous search of sifting through album company after album company I finally found the one. Wild Magnolia Design!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I could fill this whole blog with the amount of love I have for these albums and it still wouldn’t be enough! Their website was just revamped: www.wildmagnoliadesign.com. I love their Vintage covers with the pictures printed right on them. Its not printed on a glossy photo paper wrap or even right on the glossy front of the book. Its on cloth and it looks so very classy. I also love the sizes they come in. My favorite size being 6×18.

They have sent me my swatch book and I am designing my sample album as we speak! As soon as that is finished and I receive it I will post a ton of beautiful pictures up here for you to see. Thank you, Wild Magnolia, for making my dreams come true!

Here is a pic for you, its of my swatch book with a lovely vintage effect that I got from Wild Magnolia as well:

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