Thank You

To everyone who is a client, fan, or friend. Thank you so much for making this a wonderful 2013 so far for Jenni O Photography! January has been full of sadness and worry in my personal life and I’m ready to be drama free for a while. After two funerals and my brother-in-law’s successful heart surgery my soul could use a little peace :).

So thank you for your patience on email replies, blog updates, etc. With computer programs running snail slow I have been working every second I can to get things finished. It is hard to do much of anything when your morning the loss of a loved one or scared for the life of your sister’s husband with two small children. I have great news though! He was discharged today, 3 days after a serious open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic. Praise God!

There are many things coming very soon; for those waiting for albums, they are almost finalized; for fans waiting for blog posts, those will come next; and for emails to be responded to, there should be no more wait time :). I have been working diligently this January to get things done, but admittedly, things that have happend to my family this month have slowed me down a bit.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for your kind words, love, support, and prayers. They mean so much to me I could cry :).

xoxo -jenni

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