Happy Birthday Hubby

I have the best husband in the whole wide world. Did you know that? He goes to work at like 5 am or something (I’m never quite sure of the exact time because our sleeping schedules are preeeety different :). He gets home from work at 630, 7, and sometimes later. He loves his job and is so amazingly dedicated to it and everything else he is passionate about. He doesn’t get annoyed with me, much, when I ask him why he loves me for the 7th time in one day. He can cook, clean, do laundry, take out the trash, and everything in between. He loves are dog just as much as I do. He is so very manly and likes all of those manly things, I know that sounds dumb but if you knew him you would know what I mean :). He makes me so happy. His sense of humor meshes perfectly with mine, except for the gas jokes, I could do without those ;). And he works out, any woman would love that right?

So I’m sitting here saying happy birthday to him on my blog because I know that man does NOT want to be woken up at midnight and get “happy birthday” whispered into his ear. I mean, he’s already been asleep for at least two hours. But I love that man so much I have to tell him how happy I am that he was born and that God brought him to this here and gave us the opportunity to roam this earth together. Happy Birthday love, you mean the world and more to me.

For a little birthday present I am finishing up on the pictures of his nephew. And wiping the tear that snuck out while I’ve been writing this post. So for your birthday baby here is a photo of beloved Logan, our nephew.

We love this little man so much!

Sweetheart, I hope we have many many many more birthdays together! Love you!

xxxxxoxo – Jenni

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