Elizabeth + Ryan :: Northwest Iowa Wedding Photographer

Wanna hear a great engagement story? Ryan spends a lot of time on the road for his job as a Trucker and he likes to come home to his leftovers. Liz doesn’t like old smelly stuff in the fridge, so she throws leftovers out. Ryan always gives her crap about thinking about a certain leftover all day and then coming home and its gone. One day Ryan came home craving leftover Tacos. He looks in the fridge and insists that Liz threw them out. After joking with her for 30 minutes about her throwing out the tacos she looks in the fridge. She opens a tupperware and just stands there. No words. No movement. No nothing. Ryan had placed a ring in the tupperware and she was speechless. Talk about creative! Please Liz and Ryan, tell me if I murdered your story or left anything out. Either way, its awesome! I’m so excited for your wedding guys!

It was beautiful and foggy the morning of this e-session. So fun!

xoxo -jenni

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