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Hey Y’all! I just wanted to give a shout out to a fun bride from this summer! A side note before I start quoting some awesome lyrics of a song that played at her reception: I photograph in Northwest Iowa and Minneapolis! Yes I am back in the area all! I know being in Texas for a short while may have messed with your heads but I am back full time! The Bridal Showcase in Sioux Center was so wonderful today. I had such a great time seeing you brides and so many familiar faces! Congrats to you all!
Since no blog is good without a picture I will post a picture of Brittnee dancing to this awesome song (lyrics below) Have a rockin weekend!

When I hit the dance floor, you know Im doin the stanky leg. (do it!)

Sauce on my ring (ay) then I rub it ‘cross your head.

You an h boom cool chick you can do it too.

Jack your feet up in the air and check your Myspace too.

Now you can lean wit it,

now you can drop wit it.

You can switch to the other leg and you can stop wit it.

Now get it, get it

Now hit the booty do, hit the booty do

Now you can get wit it, you can get wit it.

Happy planning brides!

xoxo – jenni

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